Considerations When Hiring a Window Washing Company

When the job of window washing is more than you want to tackle, hire a professional to come in and take care of the work for you. Pros can be in, out and done in no time and leave your windows sparkling clean. But before you pick up the phone to call a company to come to your home, take these considerations into account.

* Make sure the company is licensed and insured. Accidents rarely happen, but just in case, the company should have insurance that will cover the homeowner as well as their employees.

* Talk with your neighbors about what company they hire. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find the right company for your needs. Also, ask the window washing company for referrals, specifically if they have any in your neighborhood and check those referrals.

* Windows need washing regularly, how often depends on where you live, so ask about the company’s maintenance program. They may offer a discount if you sign up for regularly scheduled visits.

* After hiring the window washing company you’ve chosen, you expect them to do certain things each time they come to clean. The workers should clean each window, inside and out. Same with sliding glass doors and/or French doors. All screens should be removed, brushed to removed debris and replaced. All windows and doors should be opened so the tracks and sill scan be cleaned thoroughly and no mess should be left behind.

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