Roof cleaning Stains

Mold and stains on your home’s roof detract from the curb appeal, lower value of the home, and if left untreated will cause damage to the roof. Removing those roof stains and mold may seem a little bit daunting as a D.I.Y. job, but if your roof pitch is not too steep and you have no problems with heights, cleaning a roof can be simple. Follow these tips for roof cleaning and get the top of your home looking as good as the rest of it.

Tools Needed

A safety harness, hand-held garden sprayer, garden hose, ladder and non-toxic cleaning solution is all you’ll need to clean roof stains.

Cleaning Solution

Chlorine bleach is often recommended for D.I.Y. roof cleaning, but it’s not the best cleaner for the job. Bleach only kills the top layer of fungus and algae on the roof, the run-off is toxic to plants and grass under the roof line and the over-spray will bleach out anything it lands on. Plus the bleach could discolor and damage roof shingles.

Select a non-toxic roof cleaning product that is specially formulated for shingles for best results.


A cool, calm day is the best for working on this project. Move all lawn furniture away from the house, repair loose shingles, flashings, gutters and down spouts before beginning the cleaning process.

Begin Cleaning

After securing yourself to the roof with a safety harness, spray the entire roof with water from the garden hose to cool it down and remove all loose debris. Mix cleaning solution in hand-held garden sprayer according to manufacturer’s directions. Spray cleaning solution on the bottom row of shingles and work your way up to the roof peak. Spray a small section at a time, saturating each shingle until the water runs off.

Allow cleaning solution to remain on shingles for 20 minutes, then rinse with garden hose until all soapy residue is gone.


The mold will re-grow and the stains will reappear in time, but that can be mitigated with some maintenance.

After the roof is clean, apply a stain-blocking solution according to manufacturer’s directions to the entire roof surface. That will stop the re-growth or algae and mold for up to three years. Without applying a stain-blocking solution, the unsightly algae and stains can reappear on the roof shingles within a year.

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