Quarterly window cleaning Program is here to make your world shine.

We have standard pricing for all 1 and 2 story homes, for 3-4 story homes we might need to see the home to give you a quote.

Trushine Window Cleaning Quarterly  Program is starting at $50.00 .

Our $50.00 window cleaning package offers homeowners the chance to keep their windows cleaned year round. This package starts at $50.00  per month for homes up to 2500 sqft. For larger homes please call for pricing breakdown.

 Here’s how it works ?

 We clean all of your windows (exterior only), every quarter, 4 times per year. This way your windows stay cleaned year round at an affordable price point. We offer big discounts on cleaning the inside of your home if you are on this service. We do charge extra if you have  screens on your windows.

 How to sign up ?

You sign up for This Service By filling the Form Below and Complete our Credit card authorization Form. We bill your card per month and every 3 months we show up and clean all of the windows on your home for 1 or 2 homes. You never have to worry about cleaning your windows again! This program is a 12 month contract, sign up below.

 For your first cleaning you will pay whatever your monthly charge is times 3 and then we will bill you once a month for 9 more months. This way after your last scheduled cleaning we do not continue to bill you for an additional 2 months.

 This service is only offered in certain areas of town so please call us and we can let you know if it is offered where you live.

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