Proper Ladder Safety While Washing Windows

Safety inspection while washing windows being done.

When you notice your second story windows need washing, it can be a simple D.I.Y. job that will end with beautifully sparkling windows – if you put safety first. Knowing and using ladder safety while washing windows when you’re climbing up to is essential. Follows these ladder safety tips so your windows will get cleaned and you’ll be putting your feet back safely on the ground when the job is over.

Ladder Size

Choose a ladder that is tall enough for the job. You never want to stand on the top rung or stretch from the second rung as it can make the ladder unstable and be very dangerous.

Always look for the weight limit of the ladder which can be called the ‘duty rating’ and will be printed on the label attached to the ladder. The duty rating is the maximum weight limit the ladder can safely hold, and that will include your body weight as well as all the tools you are carrying.

Inspection and Set-up

Be sure to inspect the ladder before climbing it. First look for loose or missing rungs. Next, set the ladder against the house or structure and take a step back to make sure it is not leaning to one side. Shake it while putting pressure on it to ensure it is not rickety and appears strong enough to support your weight. If you ever have any doubt, don’t climb up it.

If the ladder passes inspection, place the bottom feet on the level and stable ground. Make sure where the bottom and top of the ladder touch other surfaces that those surfaces are dry and have no slick substances on them.

Do’s and Don’ts while washing windows

while washing windows by trushine window cleaning* Never climb a ladder if you are feeling dizzy or tired. If you are prone to falling, it’s not a good idea to go up a ladder, not even a couple of feet high.

* If it’s windy day or if a storm is on the horizon and getting started while window washing, put off the window cleaning process to another day.

* Wear a pair of slip-resistant shoes to enable your feet to better grip the ladder rungs as you climb.

* Do not place a ladder in front of a door that opens toward it. An unsuspecting person indoors may open the door and knock the ladder to the ground, and you with it.

* Do not let anyone climb on the ladder with you, however, it is good practice to have a spotter at the bottom of the ladder if you have any issues while climbing it.

* Read the label. Ladders come with safety labels attached to the top and that’s where you’ll find pertinent information that will help make your day of window washing go off without incident.

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