Want to learn to how to pressure wash outside of your house?

Today you are going to learn how to pressure wash outside of your house quickly in less than few hours. This includes pressure washing your sidings as well as gutters.

Equipment you will need

  • Pressure Washer ( Gas pressure washer is ideal ) How to pressure wash
  • Soap and cleaning solution
  • A ladder or pressure washing extension wand
  • Water hose
  • Brushes

Where to Start Pressure Washing

We recommend starting from the end of one side right by the fence. This way you can start cleaning and move forward to end of another side.

What next

Start by extending the water hose where you want to start cleaning. Connect one side of the hose to your water source and the other side to pressure washer. On the other side connect the wand using the high-pressure hose to the pressure washer machine. You must plug these before hose before you run the water, because later with the pressure running high it gets difficult to near impossible to connect.

What is PSI pressure Washer best?

An Average pressure Washer like Honda Simpson is Good for many good reasons. Honda Simpson engines last a long time. They use gas so they will adjust pressure based on the amount of pressure needed. 3200 PSI is the ideal pressure for cleaning average siding and bricks without damaging the paints. Professional pressure washers use 3800 PSI or 4200 PSI, but this much pressure is not necessary if don’t plan to pressure wash on a daily base.

Time to run the water

After connecting the water hose run the water to the pressure washer. Based on the type of pressure washer you have you might have to turn on the gas switch first and let it run for 30 seconds. Pull the starter and turn the pressure washer on. ( sometimes pressure washer does not start, This is mostly because you had the water running for a while and now lots of pressure built up in the pressure washer. To fix that you should hold down the trigger on the wand and let the pressure slip out).

Spray the siding with soap

Every pressure washer has a soap plug and soap nozzle which is usually black. Mix or shake your detergent. If you don’t have any detergent simply mix one gallon of bleach with 4 gallons of water and dump them into a bucket then mix. Using 1/4 inch tiny clear hose to let pressure washer suck in the detergent.  drop one side of 1/4 inch hose into the bucket of detergent and the other side to your want or to the pressure washer if you are using Honda Simpson.

Start by spraying from bottom to the top. Make sure you are using the soap nozzle when spraying. Spray and get the whole siding wet then let the detergent sit on the wall for 5 minutes. While the detergent is sitting on you siding you can spray the next area and so on.

Time to start pressure washingPressure Washing Siding

After you feel like detergent is drying on the wall, start the pressure washing process. Start from the bottom and move upward. Also when you pressure wash moving upward pressure wash also side by side. You may want to focus on the tough areas and spend more time in such spots.  There might be important to scrub the area with a brush to get a better result. If some of the spots are hard to reach its time to pull the ladder. You can also spend 100$ buying an extension wand to reach a very hard to reach spots on the second story building. Extension wands can keep you safe by keeping your legs on the floor without endangering your life. Keep in mind when you pressure washing how to pressure wash correctly is also important. Never get the nozzles very close the siding. It will damage the siding and will cause the paints to chip.


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