How to Clean a Picture Window

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Clean windows like a pro and increase the chance of selling your house. There’s nothing like a large picture window to let the natural sunlight fill a home. But for the most beautiful experience, it needs to be kept clean. While a picture window is not difficult to clean, it calls for large tools to make the job easier and keep streaking to a minimum.

Starting with a soft-bristle brush, brush away any cobwebs or debris from the sill to make your job easier.

A cloth head strip applicator resembles a squeegee in shape and size, but its function is very different. The strip applicator is used to apply the cleaning solution to the glass before it’s squeegeed.

Purchase the largest size strip applicator that you are comfortable using and that works well with the size of your window. One with a nylon net scrubber option over the fabric comes in handy for removing stubborn spots and stains on glass. Mix a bucket of hot water with two squirts of dish washing liquid. Add the dishwashing liquid after the water to keep suds at a minimum.

Dip the strip applicator into the soapy water and rub it over the picture window glass in a circular pattern. Overlap strokes until the entire window is wetted well.

Use the large squeegee for cleaning a picture window and place it a top corner of the glass. Pull straight down in one motion. When the squeegee gets to the bottom of the glass, wipe the blade clean with a soft, lint-free cloth. An old, clean, white T-shirt or cloth diaper is perfect for this part of the job so long as it has not been washed with fabric softener.

Use a chamois or cloth to wipe up any remaining water around the edges of the glass to leave a streak- and lint-free shine. Wipe off the window frame and sill with a separate cloth that’s been dampened in the soapy water cleaning solution. Dry off any water drips and you will be left with a beautiful, clean window.

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