DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutters protect your home from a variety of water damage, from the roof to the foundation. A guttering system is one of the least expensive, yet vital, parts of protecting your biggest investment from the elements. But guttering can only do its job if it’s clean. Gutter cleaning is something you can do yourself, but you’ll want to keep these tips in mind before undertaking this D.I.Y. job.

Safety First

You will have to climb to clean gutters and safety must be a priority for yourself and anyone helping you. Only climb up on a sturdy ladder that is set properly on a level surface. When possible, have another person on the ground to help keep the ladder steady and be a safety lookout for you. Use the Three-Points-of-Contact-Rule when on the ladder – always have two feet and one hand or one foot and two hands on the ladder at all times.

Wear safety glasses while cleaning gutters. Blasting or blowing out guttering sends debris flying into the air and you must protect your eyes from flying debris.

Items Needed

A few pieces of equipment will be needed for the D.I.Y. job in addition to the sturdy ladder and safety glasses. You will also need gloves, tongs or a garden trowel for removing clogs, water hose, pressure washer, leaf blower or similar equipment to wash or blow out all the debris. A plumber’s snake tool is perfect for cleaning downspouts.

Quick Tips

Make quick work of the cleanup by using a large, heavy-duty trash bag or five gallon bucket to collect debris as you go makes the job go more quickly and makes less mess. Use an S hook to attach either to the ladder so your hands are free.

Clean the downspouts first before going up the ladder. That way, after you have removed all the debris from the gutter, you can rinse the smaller loose particles down and out.

Take a can of spray insect repellent with you just in case you encounter a nest of bees, wasps or other stinging insects. If the insects attack, spray towards the nest to drive the insects back as you make your way down the ladder to safety.

Or if you’d rather not get up on a ladder, give TruShine a call for your gutter cleaning in Houston.

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