Cleaning Awnings

Window awnings are a great way to let the natural light shine in while protecting your windows from the elements. To keep the awnings looking great for years to come, they will require a little cleaning and maintenance occasionally. If awnings only have light dirt buildup on them, then the cleaning process is a relatively simple job and the awnings don’t have to be taken down to be cleaned. Follow these easy instructions for cleaning window awnings.

Items Needed

* Soft bristle brush with a removable long handle. A brush designed to wash trucks or campers works great.

* Five gallon bucket

* Dish soap without hand moisturizers

* Garden hose

* Cleaning rags

* Sturdy ladder

Getting Started

Use a dry, soft bristle brush, brush away all loose debris from both the top side and underneath sides of the awning. Rinse the top side with water to further help remove debris.

In your bucket, fill partway up with warm water, then place a few drips of dish soap in it. Dip the brush into the soapy water and scrub the entire top surface of the awning. Use brush with or without the long handle, whichever makes the scrubbing process easiest for you. Scrub well and make sure the soapy water is worked into the fabric.

Wait ten minutes to allow the soap to soak into the fabric to lift out the stains and dirt. Rinse well with water until the soap has come out.


Blast the underside of the awning with the water hose, making sure the stream is not too extreme to rip apart the material. Dip a cleaning rag into the soapy water and soap all the under side (use the brush if it’s easier), being sure to apply soapy water around all the edges. Rinse well with clean water from the hose.

Stubborn Stains

Inspect the awning for remaining stains. If there are persistent stains, use a stain removal product specialized for the material that your awning is made of following the instructions from the manufacturer. Rinse with clear water.

If the stubborn stains are grease or tar from roof-water runoff, a commercial fabric degreaser made be needed to remove the stain.

Allow awning to air dry.